About Us

shift /SHift/

verb: to change direction

Shift Press is a media organization that helps young people move power through story sharing and education.

Why We’re Here

As Houston youth get more involved in their communities and local media changes, it’s time to change that. As Houston attempts to diversify its newsrooms and address a lack of public trust, adults treat youth as victims of the information ecosystem rather than untapped leaders of a forthcoming media revolution.

Shift Press is co-building a Houston where young people have the agency to share their stories towards a just world. If you believe that youth should be seen, heard, and respected across Houston, you’re in the right place.

What We Do

We’re losing journalists at a time young minoritized people want to collaborate with news organizations to share their stories.

Shift Press provides young people with justice-focused story sharing and media education.

* * *

Houston youth don’t have the resources to collect and organize information in ways that can help their cause and communities.

Shift Press creates data and tools for Houston youth to increase their capacity to organize their communities.

* * *

To get stories accurately covered, youth must build relationships with historically harmful media organizations and professionals.

Shift Press provides youth with the tools necessary to successfully organize Houston’s media organizations, and creates independent and collaborative pathways for Houston youth story sharing.

* * *

Young people are highly susceptible to exploitation in the media industry.

Shift Press models equitable workplace practices by paying/employing young people to share their stories.

Our Approach

Our work is strongly guided by principles of movement journalism and civic journalism. The Southern journalism collective Press On defines movement journalism as journalism in service of liberation. Civic journalism is media that informs the public about important matters and encourages them to get involved.

  • We believe youth are entitled to information that’s relevant to their lives.
  • We believe journalism must prioritize youth of minoritized identities to positively transform our neighborhoods.
  • We are committed to producing stories that are transparent, accurate, and evidence-based.
  • We are committed to reflecting Houston’s diversity in our work and staff.
  • We are committed to making sure that what we create enriches the relationships and community we have with our audience.

I want to share my story on Shift Press. How do I do that?
A: Exciting! Check out our pitch page.

What do you mean by “youth?”
A: Shift Press focuses on people who are 12-24 years old.

What do you mean by “Houston?”
A: We mean the Greater Houston Area. Check which ZIP codes are included here.

Are you a nonprofit, 501c(3) organization?
A: No. Shift Press is a publication created by the Institute of Engagement, which is a fiscally-sponsored project of The Social Good Fund (SGF), a 501c(3). All of our donations are routed through and held by SGF.

How do I donate?
A: Click here to make a donation.

I don’t have money. Are there other ways I can support Shift Press?
A: We’re glad you asked! Visit our support page for details.