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My mom almost died, but Roe v. Wade saved her life

The day my mom heard the news on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade she was vocally outraged. She repeatedly stated that my friends and I at the age of 15 would have less reproductive rights than she had. Reproductive rights that women have been fighting for decades, back in a time when women were only to be seen and not heard. Where a woman’s place was only in the kitchen and taking care of children. She stated, “It’s crazy how you will have less rights than I did.”

That day at the dinner table my mom talked about how the decision to overturn Roe vs Wade is devastating for those with wombs. She continued to talk about how lack of access to safe abortions disproportionally impacts women of color, young women, people with disabilities, immigrants, low-income people, and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. These groups of people tend to face more barriers to access safe and affordable reproductive health care.

About a month later at the dinner table, my mom shared with me that she had an abortion. I was shocked. My mom explained to me that she had a miscarriage a couple of years after my older brother was born. I did not realize my mom was pregnant before I came along. The miscarriage left tissue in her uterus that caused further complications.

The day of the miscarriage she started to bleed but the bleeding was not like a normal period blood. She was soaking through pads every 15 minutes and the bleeding would not stop. She was hemorrhaging.

My mom was scared and did not know what was happening but knew it wasn’t good. She called my dad from the living room and told him she was bleeding a lot and that something was wrong with the baby. When my dad saw her, he saw the blood dripping down her legs and onto the floor. He felt helpless and scared. He immediately called 911 and an ambulance came to the house to take my mom to the hospital.

At the hospital they rushed my mom into a room and performed a surgical abortion called a Dilation and Curettage (D&C) with Vacuum Aspiration. This procedure saved my mom’s life. Today, D&C is banned in the state of Texas due to Roe vs Wade being overturned.

Supporters of the overturn – those that claim to be “pro-lifers” – are ones who constantly preach “protect all lives.” But, do “pro-lifers” really cherish life if they are willing to endanger those already living? The biggest flaw of the entire “pro-life” movement is they do not apply the same logic when discussing the protection of living women and children. The children who cannot handle childbirth. The people who experience sexual violence and rape. The women whose situations, similar to my own mother’s, will literally cost them their lives.

After listening to my mom’s deep and heart-wrenching story, I now have a better understanding of her statement the day the Supreme court overturned Roe vs Wade. I now understand why she was fearful for my life and health as a young woman. My mom’s access to abortion procedures is the only reason why she is alive today. It is the only reason I am alive today. Others are dictating what we can do with our own bodies. My generation is suffering and getting stripped of our right to choose. But, these efforts against our bodily autonomy will be resisted. We are speaking up and taking action. These circumstances almost killed my mom and I will not let them kill me.

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